This is what our friends have to say about CBD

Farming can be exhausting, backbreaking work. Mid afternoon when my energy level is beginning to drop and my back has begun to ache, I reach for a wise bar. It lifts my mood, loosens my muscles, and gives me the fuel I need to push it through to the end of the day. Thanks to wise bars, we get more done, with more smiles and happy bodies.

Harper and Christian  |  Two Roots Farm

I like running fast, but I typically choose long races that are more mentally taxing — and slower. When training for long races, it’s best to slow my roll and stay in a sound mindset. I like bringing WISE bars on longer mountain adventures. I’m steady and tune in to more of my surroundings. Post adventure, WISE bars are the jam when I’m stretching and rolling out sore muscles.

Jeff Colt  |  Jeff’s Instagram

When I’m in flow, I forget to eat. Add in a cup of coffee (or five) and hours in the studio, and it’s easy to have a quick drop off. Wise Bars keep me fueled on the go and calm at work.

Ali O’Neal  |  Thimble Fox