About Us

Wise Bar was created in 2017 from two simple ideas: What we put into our bodies and what we put into the Earth should be mutually beneficial and support the vitality of all beings. Food is medicine and we hope to provide nourishing and delicious options to our community.

Our goal is to provide people with the most sustainable and flavorful snack options possible.

We are committed to being a positive force for society, business, and the planet. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint, educate customers, and hold ourselves accountable as we deliver nutritious, highly considered products to market.

Environmental Commitments

Through our partnership with Trees for the Future, we plant trees and feed people in need with every bar sold. Our goal is to plant one million trees and empower ten million individuals by 2025. Beginning in 2023, we will proudly offer 100% Plant-Based packaging options online and at retailers where appropriate composting infrastructure exists.

We are still working on our website, but you can learn more about our environmental efforts here soon.