Plastic Free2019-10-28T13:12:37+00:00

Take a look around your grocery store.
Packaging is the single largest source of plastic waste. 161 million tons annually!  Hard no.

What if all that trash wasn’t trash? It doesn’t have to be.

We’ve jumped into the movement by making 100% compostable packaging so we can help keep the mountains and rivers that inspire us clean.

You can be a part of the change:

  • Take a picture of your compost setup and tag us on Instagram using #LandfillsAreForSquares for 20% off your next order.
  • Don’t have a home-compost setup?  Fix that

Composting FAQ

Where can I compost my wrapper?2019-09-26T10:48:41+00:00

Here is a good resource to find commercial and municipal composting programs. These will work best for Wise Bar wrappers. You can put our non-toxic wrapper in your home compost, but be aware that without the heat of a larger compost setup it will probably take a long long time to degrade. Shredding your wrapper might help speed up the process.

Can I put Wise Bar wrappers my home compost?2019-09-26T10:49:41+00:00

Being fully compostable and non-toxic, they will not harm your home compost. But be aware that they will take a long time to degrade without the heat generated by larger compost operations.

I want to learn more about plastic waste.2019-09-26T10:50:07+00:00

Here are some resources: nat geoearth daymarine safe

How can I create a home compost?2019-09-26T10:51:01+00:00

We built the compost setup behind the shop by stringing together some old pallets that we found laying around. There are many different options of all different sizes available online.