Wise Bar + CBD

Infused with full-spectrum hemp extract, Wise Bar delivers 25mg of CBD to your body’s natural endocannabinoid system. Full-spectrum hemp extract contains all the cannabinoids and compounds of the original plant. No isolated or synthetic cannabinoids.

Yeah that was a lot of big words…not a hemp-nerd? Here’s the basics:

  • CBD does not get you high. we’ll start there as that’s the question our moms’ friends ask us the most often.
  • We think of it as the opposite of caffeine* helping to relax just a bit, ease anxiety, and mellow pains while leaving your mind sober.**
  • WISE BAR contains 25mg CBD which we consider a tall cup of coffee equivalent, but…to each their own.

Want more examples?

  • My grandma looks to WISE BAR to help her sleep. bonus? it doesn’t get her stoned, as entertaining as that might be.
  • Eats a WISE BAR before getting on an airplane to tame her anxiety
  • My brother, josh, snacks on WISE BAR because he can’t resist how delicious they are, and he’s notoriously forgetful when it comes to breakfast.
  • When I had shoulder surgery last year, I used WISE BAR to mellow out the post-op pain.

The short story:

Wise Bar’s hemp-nerds did the hard work for you. We sourced the most premium CBD for our friends, family, and customers. Why? To keep our minds and bodies doing the things we love.